The Visual Arts Corner is a leading contemporary art event and exhibition organization whose mission is to bring art, artists and collectors  together to learn about art, develop talented artists and transform space into a unique medium of  inspiration and energy.



Welcome to the Visual Art Corner!  We aspire to develop contemporary artists and to provide quality art events and exhibits that will impact the community by encouraging the growth of the study and practice of the contemporary arts and event programs.

VAC collects, studies, conserves and presents significant works of art across all times and cultures in order to connect people to creativity, knowledge, and ideas. Our exhibits share unique stories about rising artists in Houston.  Learn More
Visual Art Corner of Houston - Presents idiosyncrasies  - by Contemporary Abstract Artist - Erick Sandlin - June 9th, 2017, A fusion of Art and Wine when contemporary artist Erick Sandlin presents his new abstract spray paint collection.

This trend-setting event has created an impact in the art community by combining unique mediums and abstract art and stories about Houston's rising contemporary artists. 

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